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Refueling for Recon (AdamKop's 30K Contest Entry) by Shoguneagle

First of all, I don't fallow the Star rating scale. Vision, Originality, and Impact are meaningless words. Technique is the only quanti...

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Aug 29, 2015
7:38 pm
Aug 29, 2015
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Aug 29, 2015
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Aug 29, 2015
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Aug 29, 2015
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Mon Aug 10, 2015, 9:37 PM


ICE! by 4-X-S
ICE stand for in circuit emulator, unfortunately :( just not in this case.

Umi Ryuuzaki 龍咲海 was a character from a very old anime series know as Magic knight Rayearth.
This is a very old drawing I did like 2 years ago and reworked several times on the way.
After I removed the poll widget, things still show in poll history, is there a way to complete erase a poll?
Chicago Air Water 2015 by 4-X-S
Chicago Air Water 2015
Imaginary depiction of Chicago Air and Water show 2015 just this past weekend. This picture is completely based on impression and imagination, the landscape do not reflect the exact sitting at the Air show, the number and formation of Blue angels do not reflected on the exact the sitting at the Air show.

This is the first air show I attended, completely different experience from video, not for the faint heart. There was one instant when a F18 low pass from behind the crowd, the engine noise almost break my ear.

Please download from AirwatrerFramet by 4-X-S the zoom in did not have the right color due to compression. It is 5000x7000 resolution for printing. The link provide a 2000x1400 in native resolution.
Aug 10, 2015
:icon4-x-s:4-X-S has changed their username (formerly myname1z4xs)
Which one of the following best at ruin your life
9 deviants said I play none of these
2 deviants said WOWarcraft
2 deviants said EvE online
2 deviants said P2W
1 deviant said Minecraft
1 deviant said Too many craft
1 deviant said League of legends
1 deviant said Candy crash
No deviants said Starcraft
No deviants said P2P
Which one of the websites has most SJW collective
4 deviants said thumblr
2 deviants said 4chan
1 deviant said Linkedin
No deviants said Deviant Art
No deviants said Facebook
No deviants said Twitter
No deviants said google+
No deviants said 9-gag
No deviants said youtube
No deviants said myspace
Which one of the Fighter plane you perfer
6 deviants said F15
3 deviants said YF23
2 deviants said F14
2 deviants said X32
1 deviant said F22
1 deviant said Su35
1 deviant said MIG25
No deviants said F35
No deviants said Su27
No deviants said Su34
For those who don't knew, you can google "Star Citizen hype" or skip this thing all together... The alleged "end it all" space sim, Star Citizen is not smelling right to many. Back to 2012, it was a promising kickstarter indie game lead by the once renounced game designer Chris Robert who was responsible for the monumental space sim such as Wing commander. Project Star Citizen originally attempt to make a Wing commander style space sim with up to date modern technology. It received some unmatched amount in crowd funding history, sum to date a whopping $83M and rising. And this is when things start to go South.

As money pours in, the development grown in ambition (if not scam, I hope not). It was once aimed for a modernized Arcade space shooter, gradually become a plan to "conquer the universe". I do not need to fill in the details for those who knew. Basically it try to build a first person sims life on the scale of Civilization with FPS and space sim add on. All encompassed in the graphic level of Crysis. This is a very tall order project to even conceptualize, and is out limit of modern technology. No amount of money can make this thing the way Chris imagined it to be.

The current state of Star Citizen project is beginning to show red flags. They missed every dead line, the progress on the core components are mostly unclear. Right now we only got a tech demo that is very marginal to what the game proposed to be. The devs keep promising more and more, this is not good. As the game's fundamental system is deep into uncertainty, the game is already selling expansive virtual space ships from hundred to thousand dollar, while PR department and fanboys cranking out propaganda videos all over the YouTube. Im not accusing the project being a scam, I think they are passionate, or were once passionate, at least I want to believe they are. But the signs are not hint on optimism.

This project is getting dangerous by the minute, the root of its problem was they got too much money in too little time. The sudden rush of quick cash has set their goal off the rail, they think they are big dog in the gaming business now. Even they where honest from start, I don't know how much they changed by the influx of wealth. If this thing turns out to be a train wrack, the first one to blame is not Chris and his company, it is those whom donate relentlessly for an expansive adolescent fantasy. Space sim was a genre matured in the 90s, how in the world we need $80M to pop out one? Company make a game on this scale is not doing it for passion or so called good will toward fandom, the are doing it for food on the table or lamborghini in the garage. If they already make money from implosive funding, are they still bother to out put blood and sweet? In the real world, a business project acquire fund from an investor or banking system, it works like a loan, they are obligated to pay back with full interest however the amount. No company borrow big sum of money can sit on it, as failed to pay back can sent them to jail. Crowed funded business do not have this pressure to deliver, there is no sword hanging over their head to make them accountable. If they make enough money from the funding they can just sit on it call it a day, and legally so. This is why I never support a kickstarter or any of its kind. This is also why many crowed funded project was abandoned once they acquire enough money to make their life. And personally I think to fund luxury with charity model is an insult to humanity.

A rival project Elite Dangerous only funded for less than 10% of Star Citizen, took far less development time, is already an operating business. Same genre same art style, the only difference is they concentrated on space shooter, no FPS or other type of off reality ambition. If Star Citizen cannot sort their things out, their day will be numbered as people already had a viable alternative they can count on. But again are they motivated to actually compete? You know both project are supported by the same fandom, Chris happens to be a cerebral figure from memory, this could explain the fund gap. This is not how I phrase Elite as a better game, nor did I play or support it, its just you cannot talk about Citizen without Elite as a reference.

The demographic from Wing commander era are post college for majority, there is no excuse for grown men to be tricked like little kids in a toy store. I hope there is no crazy fans amount my watchers. And I hope none of you spend a penny on those ships. The thing is fanboy react viciously toward any criticism they encounter, to me the more fanboy go hyper white knight, the more likely things gone wrong!! In the end can you guess what reference in the title?
Refueling for Recon (AdamKop's 30K Contest Entry) by Shoguneagle
First of all, I don't fallow the Star rating scale. Vision, Originality, and Impact are meaningless words. Technique is the only quantifiable measure in the list and is the only one I count toward = 5star.

This is a nice twist on the Blackbird, Beg3000's design made with Kop's render fits together naturally. The simplicity of this design demand pure lighting skill to bring it out, all the gradual transition of surface where rendered in a clear and submissive fashion. Kop is very conscious on the effectiveness of surface, things would look cheap if its too dull or too shinny, Kop always adjusted to be just enough to bring out the geometry.

I would like to see a view on the engine side, and use a little fore shortening, not too much just a little, a pure isometric view is good for measurement but compromises on sensation.


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